FAA Sequester Pain – Avoid ATC Delays

Sequester Delays Flights Across the Nation


Washington National Airport Arrival Board

Arrival Display at Washington National Airport – Flights Late & Delayed

Washington, DC – April 25, 2013 (FlyersPulse.com): Delayed flight? You’re not alone. In what is becoming a broken record, nearly 50 percent of delays over the past several days have been due to staffing, a result of the FAA-imposed delays related to controller furloughs.

Sadly, these delays are not necessary but the Obama administration made the decision to furlough essential air traffic controllers as part of the on-going sequestration. However, the administration has hinted the controllers may be brought back to work.

This morning, the FAA has already started a ground delay program at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD), delaying flights an average of 30 minutes. A ground delay program has also been imposed at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) with average delays of 30 minutes and increasing.

In addition to airport control towers in Chicago and New York, en-route tracon facilities at Cleveland and Washington have also been hit this morning – the end result, flights to and from the east coast are encountering delays and this will snowball into longer delays as the day continues.

Apparently the administration has proven us wrong by slinging the FAA through the mud in a political ploy which impacts the US transportation system and economy. If this furlough continues, both airlines and businesses, big and small will be affected. A functional aviation system is vital to the economy of the United States for travel and transportation of goods be it US mail or cargo shipments.

Be Prepared to Avoid Delays

Henry Harteveldt, an aviation analyst at Hudson Crossing, said, “Due to sequester-related budget cutbacks, the FAA has cut the number of air traffic controllers on duty. Be prepared for flight delays.”

Be in the know – “Subscribe to flight status alerts from your airline so you’re aware of any flight delays/cancellations. Download mobile apps from the airlines you fly to help you manage your journey. Enroll in TSA PreCheck and US Customs’ Global Entry to help you manage airport security and US Customs clearance,” Harteveldt added.

At FlyersPulse, we also suggest you schedule your flights early in the day if at all possible. Delays which may be minimal in the morning may easily snowball into longer delays later in the day.

If you encounter a substantial delay such as on a flight via a hub, look at flight options through hub cities where flights are operating on-time. For example, if you’re flying United and Chicago O’Hare is backed up, you may want to consider connecting in Cleveland – that is if you can find seats on other flights.

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