American Grounds 48 Boeing 757-200’s For Fixes

Image of Flights Cancelled and Delayed

Airport Departure Board – Image of Flights Cancelled and Delayed

American Pulls 48 Boeing 757-200’s from Fleet

Expect a bumpy ride over the next two days if you’re flying American Airlines. According to multiple sources, American has pulled the 48 Boeing 757-200’s using saddle clamps from their fleet for additional inspection and fixes. Dozens of flights have been cancelled. The latest information indicates seat lock plungers are playing a role in this problem.

UPDATE: October 5 at 2:45pm – American Airlines 757-200s

American Airline Spokeswoman, Courtney Wallace, said, “By Saturday, Oct. 6, we plan to have all 48 of our Boeing 757s back in service. We have identified the issue, and our maintenance teams are securing an FAA-approved locking mechanism to ensure no seat can be dislodged. As of noon CT today, repairs are complete on 42 of the 48 affected aircraft.”

American Airline 757-200 News Continued

If you are flying American Airlines, we suggest you contact American prior to going to the airport or check the status of your flight online.

If your flight is cancelled for mechanical reasons, you can request passage on other American flights. If passage on American is not possible in a timely manner, you have the ability to request a re-route onto another carrier, otherwise known as a “FIM” (Flight Interruption Manifest). If told seats are not available, hop onto a booking site to check availability and provide flight numbers and route to the agent. Should you encounter problems in the re-booking process, we also suggest you write a short letter to American Airlines Customer Relations.

Complaints may also be filed with theUS Department of Transportation(DOT).

Finally, you may also request a full refund, even on non-refundable tickets, if you do not wish to travel. As always, you’ll need to pack your patience when traveling.

As of early this morning, the American Airlines website stated, “The current situation with 48 of our Boeing 757 planes is being addressed. We are also taking additional preventative steps to enhance the locking mechanism features used to secure the seats to the aircraft floor.”

“We are paying particular attention to the seat lock mechanism that secures the seat to the aircraft floor and continue taking the necessary steps to ensure that no seat can become dislodged from its track. The work is expected to be completed after the 48 affected aircraft land at their next destination.”

“Select flights may be delayed or canceled in order to complete this work, which we expect will be finalized by Saturday, Oct. 6. We have confidence in our highly skilled maintenance and engineering teams as well our contract maintenance providers who have worked on all of the 757 aircraft involved, and we continue to work closely with the FAA to resolve this matter.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, as safety and reliability are always of utmost priority.”

The airline is currently undergoing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization. American Airlines headquarters are in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

We will publish more information as it becomes available.

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