American Airlines Boeing 757-200 Update

American Airlines Boeing 757-200

American Airlines Boeing 757-200 – Aircraft Type with Seating Problems

American Takes Corrective Action with Boeing 757-200 Seats

UPDATE: October 5, 2012 – 48 Boeing 757’s taken out of service again – Details Pending

The problem with seats popping out of the seating track has been addressed by American Airlines. Eight of their 757 aircraft were retrofitted with new seats installed by an outside party, identified as TIMCO. During the the refitting of new seats on these Boeing 757 aircraft, saddle clamps which hold the seats in place were not properly installed.

Passengers on three American Airlines flights, operated by these refitted 757 aircraft, had their seats pop out and fall over. These flights promptly diverted with passengers reseated in empty seats as well as flight attendant jump seats.

In a recent update provided by the airline, American Airlines Spokeswoman, Andrea Huguely, said, “American Airlines has completed inspections of 48 Boeing 757 aircraft that were involved with a recent seats-related issue. We have worked very closely with the FAA on a corrective action plan and all necessary repairs have been made on the aircraft that were inspected. All 48 aircraft are back in service.”

“Over the next few weeks we will continue to work with the FAA and all manufacturers involved to review the corrective action taken. We believe a contributing factor is with the seat tracking and locking mechanism, not with where the work was performed.”

“While American Airlines employees and third-party contractors have worked on the 757 aircraft involved, we have the utmost confidence in our highly skilled maintenance and engineering teams as well our contract maintenance providers.”

“The safety and reliability of the fleet is of paramount importance to American. We never have, and never will, compromise the safety and reliability of our fleet.”

The mechanics union, Transportation Workers Union of America (TWU), is against work being done by outside third parties which the airline is doing to save money. American remains in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection as the company re-organizes and plans to outsource maintenance work overseas.

American Airlines operates approximately 150 Boeing 757-200 twin-jet aircraft.

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