Gotcha – The $100 Carry On Fee

Time Blurred Image of Roll-a-Board Luggage in Airport

Time Blurred Image of Roll-a-Board Luggage in Airport – Bigstock

Spirit Airlines to Charge $100 at gate for Carry-On Bag

The “Ultra Low Cost Carrier”, Spirit Airlines, has announced they’ll start charging $100 at the gate for your carry-on bag as of November 6th. However, if you pay for your carry-on bag in advance, expect to pay between $25 and $50 for the luxury of a carry-on.

In a statement, Spirit has said this is part of their “Bring Less, Pay Less” bag campaign. As to the advance-purchase prices, if you’re a member of their “$9 Fare Club”, which has an annual enrollment fee, the advance payment fee can be as low as $25 per bag. Otherwise you’ll be charged $35 online, $40 via the phone, or $50 at airport check-in.

When it comes to the $100 fee, Spirit’s Chief Operating Officer Tony Lefebvre, said, “Our goal is for no customer ever to pay the $100 fee.” Lefebvre continues, “Spirit offers our customers multiple opportunities to avoid this unnecessary fee and save money. By planning ahead and paying for bags before getting to the boarding gate, our customers are saving time at the airport and speeding up the boarding process. When our customers choose these time-saving, self-service options, our costs go down, and we can pass those savings along to our customers.”

However, Spirit Airlines reportedly collects well over $100 fees per passenger which accounts for approximately 40% of their revenue.

When it comes to checked luggage, be prepared to pay up as well with checked bags starting at $20 and going up, depending on how and where it is purchased.

Our advice is to be an educated consumer and know what the add-on fees are when booking flights.

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