Scare on United 96 from Newark to Berlin

United 757-200, Engine Problems, Divert and Return to Newark

United 757 makes safe emergency landing at Newark

173 passengers on United 96, on Friday, August 18, 2012, encountered a scare as they were departing Newark Liberty International Airport, (EWR) for Berlin Tegal International (TXL) in Germany.

During take-off from runway 11 at Newark’s Liberty International Airport, (EWR) the Boeing 757-200 (pictured above) blew a tire which was sucked into the left engine. The Rolls-Royce RB211 powered twin-jet declared an emergency indicating loss of power in both engines according to air traffic control transcripts.

The aircraft was able to re-start both engines at 3,000 feet and climbed to 4,000 feet to initiate emergency checklists and procedures to return to Newark Airport.

Despite a successful re-start of both engines, the FAA reported the left engine was shutdown as a result of high temperatures and vibrations, likely associated with the ingestion of the tire.

As the aircraft took-off over the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) eyewitnesses, including motorists on the ground, reported seeing flames from both engines.

The Boeing 757-200 circled over New Jersey at 4,000 feet for over an hour and a half to burn off excess fuel and executed a safe landing on Runway 4L.

On Saturday, August 19, a second United Boeing 757-200, bound for Seattle Tacoma International (SEA) encountered engine problems upon take-off from Newark Liberty International (EWR) and also landed safely on Newark’s runway 4L after shutting down an engine.

During weekends, runway capacity is temporarily reduced at Newark International (EWR) as a result of work being done on runway 4R and adjacent taxiways.

JetBlue flight 677, also departing from the New York area, encountered problems with an unruly passenger last night, Sunday, August 19th. The flight from New York’s JFK Airport to to Los Angeles International (LAX) diverted to Denver (DEN) where a passenger was taken into custody and is currently facing criminal charges.

There is an on-going investigation with respect to United Flight 96.

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