United Orders 150 Boeing Aircraft – 757 Replacement

United Boeing 737-900ER | Boeing 757-200 Domestic Replacement | Air Travel News

100 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft and 50 Boeing 737-900ER

As part of United’s continued investment in its fleet and product, United placed an order for 100 of the 737 MAX 9 aircraft and 50 Boeing 737-900ERs. The 737-900ER ordered by United is a single-aisle twin-jet with wing mounted CFM56-7B engines. The MAX 9 will also be equipped with new CFM International Engines (LEAP-1B) according to United and Boeing at a joint press-conference this morning.

The Boeing 737-900ER, a next-generation model, will replace older, less fuel-efficient Boeing 757-200 aircraft United is using on US domestic routes. The 737-900ER will provide a fuel savings of 15% over the 757-200 aircraft currently in use.

For those who fear a trans-Atlantic trip on a 737 there is some good news — The trans-Atlantic Boeing 757-200 subfleet, obtained in the merger with Continental, will continue to fly for United Airlines – primarily from their Newark Hub.

Today’s order sets a record at Boeing with over 10,000 Boeing 737’s ordered, a milestone in aviation history. The 737 is the world’s most popular aircraft.

The new aircraft will have the Boeing Sky interior with new, brighter lighting, new seats, as well as satellite based WiFi internet.

New aircraft with this order will be delivered between 2013 and 2022. United is the North American launch customer for the 737 MAX 9, continuing its long tradition of launching new programs such as the 767, 777 and 787.

Jeff Smisek, United’s President and CEO, “This order is a major step in building the world’s leading airline, and we look forward to offering our customers the modern features and reliability of new Boeing airplanes, while also making our fleet more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.” Smisek continues, “New aircraft deliveries support our flexible fleet plan, permitting us to tailor future capacity up or down, based on changes in demand or other market conditions”

“These new aircraft, combined with our new widebody aircraft already on order and our existing fuel-efficient aircraft, will solidify United’s future fleet as one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible fleets among our global competitors,” said Smisek.

United did look at the A320neo, but Boeing was able to provide the best deal.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Fuel Efficiency

Starting in 2018, United will begin taking delivery of of the 737 MAX 9 in 2018. Smisek would not fully comment when asked about replacement of the A320 aircraft, but one potential use of the 737 MAX 9 is to replace these older aircraft as part of their fleet revitalization plan.

The 737 MAX 9 will be powered by the new CFM International LEAP-1B engine. The 737 MAX 9 is expected to achieve fuel burn and CO2 emission reductions of up to 13 percent compared to current 737 aircraft.

As with the 737-900ER, the 737 MAX 9 will have the Boeing Sky Interior, providing a greater sense of space through brighter lights with an energy efficient LEDs. The lighting system will have the ability to produce different lighting schemes and colors, depending upon time of day. The passenger cabin of the MAX 9 will be quieter, ventilation will be improved, and the overhead bins will be able to store more carry-on baggage.

Total New Aircraft Orders for United

The latest order tops out United’s order books at 272 new aircraft deliveries between now and 2022.  Aircraft on order include 50 of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners as well as 25 Airbus A350 XWB wide-bodies.  The first of the new-build,  highly anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s, made primarily of composite materials, is scheduled for September delivery.

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