$42 Million Runway Project to "Fix" Newark Liberty Delays

$42 Milion Spent on Newark Airport Improvements | Runway 4R-22L to Close Over Weekends for Rehabilitation Project

$42 Milion Spent on Newark Airport Improvements | Runway 4R-22L to Close Over Weekends for Rehabilitation Project

Runway 4R-22L Rehabilitation Project

If you’re a regular flyer into Newark during the late afternoon you can usually predict it – a ground stop or a ground delay program – for flights bound to Newark’s Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Starting April 14, Runway 4R-22L at Newark Liberty International Airport will be closed a portion of the weekend hours as part of a rehabilitation project aimed at reducing delays. With the installation of high-speed taxiways as part of the project, the Port Authority is taking steps to ensure quicker arrivals and departures, thus minimizing delays.  This project will keep the runway in a state-of-good-repair while creating a better experience for customers.

Runway 4R-22L is typically used as the arrivals runway at Newark, while the inside runway, 4L-22R is used for departures.  This type of setup operates at many airports, allowing several arrivals to land, exit the runway, and then hold short of the departure runway until clearance is given to cross.

The total cost of the project, $42 million.

The $42 million rehabilitation project to Runway 4R-22L, which handles more than 190,000 aircraft operations a year, is expected to result in 270 jobs, $15 million in wages, and $64 million in economic activity.

Newark Liberty International Airport serves 33 million passengers annually.

The closure will be in effect from 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays until 11:00 a.m. Sundays through November 2012.  The Port Authority will work in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines to stage the work to minimize impact on airport operations.

Whether you’re a passenger transferring aircraft on United or your final destination is Newark, aircraft may encounter additional slowdowns between now and the completion of the work.

As to the project, it will assist with the arrival process once finished, but comes nowhere close to being a solution of the rampant delays at Newark and other NYC area airports.

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