KLM to Introduce Meet and Seat via Social Media

KLM to provide social seating | KLM Boeing 747-300 at Amsterdam Schiphol | Air Travel News

KLM offers Meet and Seat App

Have you ever boarded a flight, only to have a bad seatmate?  Someone who talks to much when you just want to sleep, a person you have nothing in common with, the salesman who won’t shut-up or the individual that’s just strange or rude?  To top the list, I recently endured a transcontinental flight next to a polite couple, but with one major problem — they spent the better half of the flight attempting to convert me to their religion.  You can just say no thank-you and close the door when they’re at your doorstep, but at 35,000 feet there is no door to close — when I got up to use the lavatory, they went one step too far opening my carry-on and slipping their “book” into my bag.

Social Seating

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is working on a solution to this problem.  It’s called “Meet and Seat” and KLM has confirmed it will use the Facebook and Linkedin social media platforms.

Word on the street indicates it’s a service that will allow passengers with similar interests to be seated together, but it’s not meant to be a dating service.  However, given the number of people who have met on planes or in airports only to be married or partners years later, if something comes of it, all the better.

At this time, KLM cannot confirm exactly how it will work and they don’t have a release date for this new, social seating tool, as it is still in the development phase.  If successful, it’ll be interesting to see if other carriers develop similar tools.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual — you might just end up being seated next to that annoying passenger, the family with twin babies and one lap child on a sugar high, or heaven forbid – no pun intended – the individual who feels the need to “convert” you.

KLM’s most recent Social Media project is a free iPhone App known as KLM Passport.  The iPhone App allows users to select a theme combined with their best pictures and videos taken during their trip.  KLM Passport turns these experiences into a movie that can be shared with friends via Facebook or you can just save it on the iPhone camera roll to share it elsewhere.

The KLM Passport app can be downloaded for free in English in the iTunes Store.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is now Air France-KLM, but operates under the KLM name with its primary hub at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and includes KLM cityhopper and Transavia.  KLM is member of SkyTeam and offers easy connections at Schiphol Airport to any of its destinations.

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