Marazul Charters begins Atlanta to Havana Flights

Marazul Charters starts Atlanta to Havana Flights | FlyersPulse Air Travel News

Marazul Charters to Offer Atlanta to Havana Flights

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport joins the list of select US airports with flights to Cuba.  Weekly charted flights by Marazul Charters, operated by Delta Air Lines, is scheduled to start this week.

“As the busiest connecting airport in the world, we are pleased to have been awarded this designation to serve Cuba,” Aviation General Manager Louis Miller said. “We are excited to be able to add new service to Havana from all over the country through Atlanta.”

Hartsfield-Jackson is one of only a few U.S. gateways to Cuba added this year. Houston’s Intercontinental Airport is another gateway recently added.

The Helms Burton Act and the United States Treasury prohibit most US citizens and corporations from trading with Cuba, but select travelers are permitted to travel.  Individuals must be engaged in “purposeful” travel, such as passengers who have close relatives in Cuba, are involved in the medical or agricultural sectors, or travel for educational and religious activities.

A company known as ABC Charters does a lot of the charter flights between the US and Cuba, the most used port being Miami with Havana being a quick 45 minute flight.

Cuba Overflight

Ironically, many international flights from the United States to Latin America overfly Cuba. The Air Carriers must obtain special permission to pay Cuba for their Overflight and Air Traffic Control services. If US carriers had to avoid overflight of Cuba, it would add a great distance to many flights.

Cuba Overflight at 32,000 Feet from Atlanta to Central America | FlyersPulse Aviation News and Travel Deals

Pictured Above: Overflight of Cuba on a Delta 757 to Central America

More Americans travel to Cuba each year as the laws are slowly relaxed.  However, the US Treasury Rules don’t seem to stop those Americans destined to visit Cuba as tourists.  Many Americans would be surprised at the number of flights between Canada and Cuba alone – which require US overflight – especially during the winter season.

Not to encourage anyone to violate the law, common connecting points for American’s taking tourist trips to Cuba include Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, as well as most nations in Central America where isn’t unusual to see a soviet era jet with the Cubana livery.

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